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plenary sessions


James k.a. Smith: Sanctified Ambitions

Ambition is a strange phenomenon. In the world, ambition is praised, whereas in the church, ambition is sometimes considered a vice. Is ambition the problem? Or what we’re ambitious for? Success, power, and influence can easily become idols. But the way to avoid idolatry is not to give up in the name of false humility. In this talk, I’ll look to the ancient church father Augustine as a model for how to “sanctify” ambition.

Vince vitale: The questions of culture, the invitation of christ

The answer to every legitimate question is something true, and all truth is grounded in God. What follows is that all questions, even the most vexing questions of today’s culture, are open doors to share something of who Jesus is and what he has done. This session begins by homing in on four fundamental questions—questions of origin, meaning, morality, and destiny—that every person needs to answer in order live well. It ends by commending the power of invitation and the privilege of being able to extend the invitation of Christ.

adrian mullings: biblical versus worldly value

Drawing on John 15:1-17, Adrian Mullings encourages working Christians to value themselves and their work from Jesus' value system, rather than the world's value system.

breakout sessions


margaret yoon: Mental health and the holy spirit

When we are spiritually empowered by partnering with the Holy Spirit, He leads you into mental and physical health by healing and training you. This whole health - physical, mental and spiritual - makes you naturally winsome to others. Evangelism becomes a natural extension of living in pace with your heavenly Father rather than a burden of guilt or duty out of compulsion. Hear how you can “preach the gospel; use words only if necessary” as you develop intimacy with your Father, walk with Jesus, and are empowered with the Holy Spirit.

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lyndsey and Collin Seale: simple tools for establishing the kingdom in your workplace

The goal is to have a simple plan for caring for your coworkers that leads to establishing God’s Kingdom where you work and live, all while not getting you fired. Join as they share practical tools from beginning a conversation all the way through to forming a new believer church in the workplace, tell current stories of what God is doing in these spheres, and practice in live simulation.