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Last year at the CU Cities predecessor conference Nexus Professional, conferees represented a variety of professional fields: banking, finance, education, media, technology, medicine, consulting, and arts, and we hope to see industry representation grow even wider in 2018. Networks will grow and overlap across various spheres while we worship, learn and engage in the big vision.  Christian leaders across every sector of the working world must be unified in our mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and engage to transform our culture.

By connecting with professionals outside your typical network, we hope to encourage and equip you to be a part of God's redemptive plan in, and beyond, your workplace. The marketplace is the new mission field and we must know how to work redemptively at the highest levels of professionalism and excellence. 


Christian Union Cities also recently started their first two focused networks in finance and media, with the third (technology) to be announced soon. These networks are the vehicle through which we seek to bring about measurable, redemptive cultural change in New York City. Take the opportunity at this conference to learn more about what your involvement in these networks might look like.