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What is Christian union cities conference?

Christian Union Cities Conference gathers together Christian professionals across all demographics and industries for a weekend  of inspiring speakers, thought-provoking discussion and networking, in-depth seminars, and powerful worship. 

The conference will point you to what (or who) is truly most important, namely, Jesus Christ. It will inspire you to live a life rooted in Christ and lived out for his glory. Faith leading to, and expressed in, action.

Secondly, by providing opportunities for connections and fellowship, CU Cities develops a network of wholehearted, Christian leaders poised to impact the world.


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CU Cities Conference began as a parallel conference to Christian Union's student conference, Nexus:  the Christian Union Conference on Faith and Action. Founded in 2005 by Christian Union under the name, "The Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action," Nexus has hosted such world renowned speakers and Christian leaders as Rich Stearns, Os Guinness, James K. A. Smith, Carol Kaminski, Michael Lindsay, Sally Lloyd Jones, Charles Gilmer, Darrell Bock, and more.

After witnessing tremendous growth of the student conference, as well as increasing numbers of graduates from Christian Union ministries, a new conference called Nexus: Professional was developed to cater to alumni of these ministries as well as the broader professional Christian community. In 2018, as Christian Union's Cities initiative develops to network Christian leaders in important cultural centers, the conference has been rebranded as the Christian Union Cities Conference. The event will bring together professionals from multiple cities and every sector of society to engage faith and cultural transformation.

What is Christian Union?

Christian Union is the organization behind the Christian Union Cities conference. Christian Union seeks a spiritually vibrant nation marked by Christian values permeating every corner of society by developing and connecting transformative Christian leaders.

Christian Union takes a unique approach, employing highly qualified ministry faculty, and producing exceptional curriculum geared toward developing Christian leaders. The ministry helps students and professionals discover the intellectual validity of Christian faith, the profound joy of seeking God wholeheartedly, and the practical skills to become significantly more impactful in their spheres of influence. Currently, Christian Union works in New York City with professionals.

Christian Union Cities' strategy is to develop networks of Christian leaders—both graduates from Christian Union University ministries and other leaders—in key cities, beginning with New York. The pages of history reveal that even small groups of committed, passionate, Christian leaders have made an extraordinary impact on their respective cultures in different eras.

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